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Thursday, 26 August 2010


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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Lioness is back..... with great news!

Hello my lovelies :)

Since my last post things have been a little hectic.... in a good and productive way. Working on my future and my brand with management; feel blessed that we share the same vision. Let me just quickly congratulate AAB International for their latest signings; model Sheldry Amirez. She is an absolutely stunning model with a very bright future. Daisy Dares; you should already know.... oh and AAB are also handling Cheryl Coles branding. I'm with the big boys ;)

Got some great news! So I mentioned in my last post that I was reading scripts and will be auditioning for some films; well I went for my first acting audition and guess what..... ;) Yep, you got it. Well, I did really lol. It is only a small part but to be honest that is what I wanted. I am so excited to be on set of my first film and to kick start my acting career! Plus I have read the whole script and love it; it is a comedy and very funny. I feel very priviliged to be involved. Contract/form was emailed to me today so everything is set! I will be filming next month..... yaaaay :)

What else has been happening? Went to Roundhouse to watch Chipmunk perform as some of my managers clients were also performing; Daisy Dares and Esmee Denters. Unfortunately my late arse missed Daisy, but Chipmunk was great. I'm not a fan of concerts as I get bored quite easily; I need entertainment like dancing or a great performance. You can't just stand there and sing/rap. Come on, I might as well just sit at home and listen to your cd then whilst doing something else useful with my time. But Chippy has great energy; very enthusiastic and keeps the crowd excited. Wretch 32 also made a quick appearance. Esmee was amazing as always with her rich vocals and sweet humble self. Was good bumping into my boy Dready and Smokey (SBTV); both rising stars and hardworkers.



The crowd were LIVELY and it was packed! Thank goodness we were seated up here and not standing down there with the over excited fans!


We then arrived at the Hills finale party 4 hours late..... ahem. So yeah..... not much to report on that LOL.

I gave away a FREEBIE yesterday! A download of my August Calendar pic for your mobiles, pc's, lappys, iPads.... yeah you get the drift. The image is at the top of this post. I promised to feature some of my fans who sent in their pics with me as their backgrounds.... so here goes!

Shout out to @JUMPINSOUNDS for this one


And lots of love to @Welshboi2010 for this one!


Looks hot right?

I will try to feature more supporters in future posts as I appreciate them sooooo very much. Without sounding corny :)

On a corny note though; is this not cute? My boy came back from Nigeria and got me this.


He said because he is a Lion (Leo) and I am a Lioness. So now I am back in Lioness mode and feel like I can take on the world! Hehehehe. No but seriously, I love gifts that are meaningful and special :) And I love gifts from different countries. So many of my loved ones are travelling at the mo so I'm hoping to get many more pressies lol.

I traded in Sarah Hardings party tonight to write you a blog and then chill out with my latest read; Modern European Art. I've got really into it; tres interesting. I might tell you more in my next post.

New pics below.

Love you all very much

P aka Lioness ;) xx


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Well well well, what do we have here? A NEW post? From moi? Wooooow. I'm due a telling off right? Long time, no write, I know. I have been quiet on the internet but everything else has been crazy!

I will start with the best and most recent news; Portia Freno signs with AAB International management. I am now managed by Daren Dixon. Daren's clients include Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson, Ali Bastien (Hollyoaks) Natalie Suliman (face of M&S) and a few selected more. Oh, and now me!

We were first formally introduced in New York at Talib Kweli's listening party by a great mutual friend.... and the rest is to be history. I can now officially say that I am AAB interntaional's latest signing. I am extremely happy and excited for the future.

So,what else has been going on in my world?

Before I continue, let me apologise for a lack of images as they are all on my iPhone and I left my iPhone in my interns car! Very irresponsible!

Esmee Denters release party:




Esmee Denters threw a party in M*vida and it was great! Nice crowd, familiar faces and a positive vibe. I am really proud of Esmee; she has been putting the work in and really deserves all the success she is due to get. Her voice is rich and unique, her talent forever improving and she is a very sweet humble person. It was fun catching up over a couple of drinks. Make sure you buy Esmee's latest single "Love Dealer", now available in the UK.


Knight and Day Film Premiere, Odeon, Leicester Square

I have been to premieres before, but this was my first red carpet at a premiere. I must say, it was surreal. I just want to shout out all my fans that showed me love and shouted out my name. It was quite unexpected but a great experience. To think that I was sharing a carpet with the beautiful Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise, and you still spotted me and showed your support. Kisses to you!

Knight and Day is the latest film from US director James Mangold. A combination of action and humour, it was expected to be an enjoyable and exciting film. Unfortunately it got very poor reviews in America, and I was unable to watch more than the first ten minutes as I was pulled out for a meeting, but be sure to check it out and see for yourself. I will post up some images of myself once I receive them.


London Motor Museum launch party with celebrity chef Aldo Zilli

So the first ever pop up London Motor Museum had a small and intimate launch party in Piccadilly. Their car collection boasts a value of over £250,000,000 and they drove some down for the event. I was getting so excited by all the hot cars! The best part was meeting Aldo Zilli; you must have heard of his restaurants. His food is amazing and he catered for the event. I also got to meet Dynamo magician who completely freaked me out. These are not tricks but MAGIC. After witnessing and being a part of some of his madness, I decided I didn't want him anywhere near me lol. Check him out!

My girl Terri Walker performs

So you read my last post and know all about Terri's latest endeavours right? Well she invited me down to watch her rock the stage in Shoreditch House. She was amazing! It's one thing having a good voice, but it is sooo important to have great stage presence and performing ability. This woman has so much energy and it was a pleasure to catch her in action. Make sure you keep up to date with Terri Walker.

The London Clothes Show Live

I headed down to The Clothes Show as I was working with Pantene. I had to continuously wave my hair around and suffered from a stiff neck after lol. And I brought lots of dresses :) Shows were great; overall it was a success.

Auditions/Script reading

I have been script reading and auditioning recently; watch this space :)

Girls Night Out




My girl Toya Berry invited me to let my hair down and I thought, why not? I hadn't partied in London once that year, so felt like I deserved it. We went to Movida and stayed at the Carlton Tower hotel. Can you believe that it wasn't until the morning when we were lazing around eating that we discovered a door that led to the rest of the suite! Another 5 rooms lol. And all that time we were cooped up together, hahaha. We had champagne lunch and lots of food; it was nice to just chill out for once and be spoiled rotten. Thanks Toya xx

New photos below; I have some amazing new images that I am dying to share with you but I am not allowed to until they are published. But a few I shot for a boutique are below. They are untouched/unedited.

Have a productive week

Portia x









Thursday, 10 June 2010

Congratulations is in order!

Well well well! My first blog since back in sunny London ay! Yes I have been a lazy biiaaatttcch since arriving back in "the grey zone" as my friend calls it, but so what? Being away for 6/7 weeks made me realise just how much I love my fam and friends and that I cannot be away from them for too long!

Since arriving back I have spent everyday with those I love! I feel blessed to have so many around me who I love and trust with my life; it's a blessing.

New York was AMAZING and as you know I started a new project out there. My return to the States is already booked so my time here in London is temporary..... I have been refraining from writing about New York because I want to inform you of most things via video blog..... so hold tight.

I titled this post "Congratulations in order" because so many good things have happened since I came back and a few people deserve a pat on the back.

Firstly, my best friend finished her last exam. She has been working so hard on her psychology degree and finally the stress is over! I am so so SO proud of her! Next, she is off to the Caymen Islands for an internship before joining me in NYC! Aww God is good! We had a bbq and little party to celebrate as we had such a hot lovely day last week. We were there from midday till midnight eating, drinking and catching up with friends. Was a great day! Well done Laurs, love ya xx



Another HUGE congratulations goes to my sweethearts sister, who had a gorgeous baby boy last week! So last week we went down to the hospital to see the bundle of joy and I must admit tears came to my eyes lol. He is perfect. So much hair already and gorgeous eyes. His features are already so defined. He is adorable. His mother is glowing and doing well. God is good ;)



The last congrats goes to Terri Walker. Met up with her out in New York and was very happy to hear that she's working with Rocafella and is in the studio with big boy producer Ski beatz; working in the Dash Gallery studios (Damon Dash's studio) She seemed soooo happy; she was glowing! Her voice is amazing, she's got personality and drive and has been given the freedom to work on material she is passionate about, as opposed to being a puppet to the commercial market. She'll be back in London very soon gigging so follow her on twitter @therealmzwalker and keep updated. Well done girly! Mwaaah


Ooooh let me congratulate myself actually! I am currently fasting and I'm telling you it is HARD! Any of you who follow me know how I love my food; so much so I get called Food Queen and regularly asked for food spots, dinner ideas etc LOL. I had just returned to London and was stuffing my face with my guy when he decided to tell me that tomorrow he was starting his fast! Me being me (speaking before I think) I agreed to fast with him. Why oh why. No I'm kidding; I am happy to be fasting. Makes you appreciate how lucky we are and reminds you how greedy we all are too! But boy oh boy you should see us when 6pm comes....damn! Like scavengers over the pot of food lol.I even resigned to eating KFC the other day as we were on the road when 6pm came along, and who's waiting to get all the way home? Yeah.... so anyway, that is why I deserve a congratulations! One and a half weeks to go...... wish me luck!

It seems a long time ago that I was eating ish like this for brekkie....


I am looking for interns for Snobbish TV. If you are interested in fashion, music, film/theatre, food/wining and dining, PA work, PR, events and/or fitness and would like to join the team please email snobbishtv@googlemail.com with a cv, pic and short bio on yourself, covering your interests and hobbies.

I miss some of my New York peeps.... :(

Michelle aka M dot aka M Dizzle




Harry aka Hari Hokis Pokis Bozadgerater Krishna


JJ aka Gadget aka My Homegurl!!

Crystal!!!! I just call her Crystal lol. She's actually from London and moved to NYC a few years ago. We had a blast in NYC. Luv ya girl x


There are many others I miss but I don't have pics so can't be bothered to mention them. You know who you are. See you soon x

Was also good linking up with Snips, Daren Dixon, Chris Stylez, Dready and Terri Walker out there. I got a Snobbish 16 out of Dready, Terri and Snips as well! You won't know what a Snobbish 16 is yet but you will soon! It's already evolved into the Snobbish 69, so the others got let off lightly!

You will know more soon........

Remember peeps; congratulate and applaud those when necessary; show people when you are proud of them, whether it for something big or small. Spread love! Encourage positivity and blessings.

A candle doesn't lose it's light by lighting another candle....

Portia xx


Thursday, 13 May 2010

I am writing this post from Manhattan in New York, (very SATC)to proudly announce TWO things;

I have had to extend my stay in New York for the SECOND time, due to work, bookings and so many more opportunities

The BIRTH of SNOBBISH!!!! Snobbish is my new venture and a project I am extremely excited about. Snobbish is a brand, and i have just launched it's lifestyle channel on youtube http://youtube.com/SnobbishTV with it's website to come soon. The channel covers everything lifestyle; from food and drink and events, to fashion, book reviews and even my own video diary following me behind the scenes; at shoots, just being silly and snobbish etc.

Snobbish is a state of mind; an attitude. It's wanting to always improve yourself; to educate yourself so you can always know better. Snobbish is living life, being well travelled. It's experiences; a journey from your current self to your better self. Most importantly; Snobbish is fun, sexy and classy. It's being high maintenance; not because you are difficult, but because you know your worth, so why would you settle for any less? And what's the problem with having high standards when you are the one who can provide for yourself?

The Snob Commandments will soon be on their way!

The channel is new but I aim to upload new vids regularly; I am even learning how to use Final Cut Pro so that I can edit all my own personal videos.

I will also be flying back to London at some point to cast for new Snobs for team Snobbish as there will be a lot of new features being added to the site as the brand grows.

I am so excited!


So NYC saw the birth of Snobbish...... it was a blessing coming here. So much has happened already. I'm going to post a video diary telling you about it.

Does the birth of Snobbish mean the death of PortiaFreno.blogspot.com? I am not sure. Although reading will always be my preferred method, times are changing. Blogs are dying and everyone wants the video version. People want to see visuals. We will see. If anything I will use this blog to write about topics; maybe something related to Snobbish or off the back of one of the current features.

I do miss London; family and friends.... in fact I pine for certain people sometimes. And I long to hug my mum and my little sisters; kick it with some of my closest friends... but everyone here is so friendly, and luckily I have a few London peeps here so it's ok. New York has been good to me so I can't complain; I've received a lot of love.....

So! Raise your glasses, or anything that happens to be nearby you as you sit and read this, to SNOBBISH and SnobbishTV, and follow me on the exciting journey of it's growth and development. If you would like more information on it hit me up on SnobbishTV@gmail.com

It has a twitter page. Yep, you guessed it http://twitter.com/SnobbishTV And make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel http://youtube.com/SnobbishTV

Thank you daaaahhlings!!

Portia Freno xx


Monday, 19 April 2010

So I think it's time I updated you guys! I am currently in London, UK; I should have been in New York in a few hours! I am sure you are aware of the volcano that took place in iceland (if you're not you need to get it together and start knowing what's happening around you lol) and the fact that the ash cloud has affected thousands and thousands of flights. So unfortunately for my US followers I didnt make it today; but my flight has been booked for this coming Saturday.

I was looking forward to appearing on the Angela Yee Morning After show this week and apologies to those who were looking forward to hearing me on there! My team are working on getting things rescheduled so hold tight..... and I will keep you posted.
I've also missed out on a photo shoot but hopefully not much else will be affected...

I was actually quite ill recently; had to go hospital and all sorts! But God is good and I'm making a speedy recovery... almost 100%! It slowed down a few things for me but I'm back with a vengeance... ;)


My memory is awful..... ok so since my last blog basically I've been up to the usual; filming, shoots, studio, events etc. Went to Tinie Tempah release party, Shank screening, film premiere for The blind side... The Blind Side is a great film! If you haven't seen it yet make sure you do; I cried!! Talking about crying though; I cried during a play that I went to watch that my girl took part in. It was called "Agape" meaning "unconditional love". The message was so beautiful and I really could relate. I was proud of my girl Desiri, a friend from church. The play was supposed to be performed in Atlanta as we speak but unfortunately due to the flight disruptions they haven't made it yet. God will make sure they go though!

I hate when I leave it so long to blog as it means that I don't update you with everything and leave lots out. That is why it makes sense to blog day by day. When I return from the States (if I return ;)...) I will be working on my new website and my blog will be incorporated with my other site features; so expect a much better site and blog in the near future....

Oh! I deleted my facebooks! Hahahaha and it feels great. I had 17,000 messages and 6,000 friend requests on one account, and about 1,000 requests on the other; it just became too congested! I know some peeps have been able to get all their friends automatically transfered onto their fan page, which is a good look and makes life a lot easier. I might think about getting that done as I may still have some fan pages up, I'm not sure as I haven't even checked yet... but to all 13,000 of you that got deleted from my 2 accounts, apologies and follow me on twitter! I think it's more practical anyway..... I'm not a fan of social networks in general to be honest; they can be very useful I know but I don't have the time or the patience to be updating all the time, uploading videos, pics and reading messages. Long. Plus don't we deserve some privacy peeps? Some of us wanna tweet about real personal stuff.... hmmm... I dunno. As I'm sure I've said in a previous post it's a love/hate relationship for me and twitter.

My boy Hari (@thesheriff) flew down from the States recently; the last time he flew down I was literally too busy to catch up with him, but the other day I went to The Trafalgar for drinks with him, Ara and a few others. It was an intimate affair and a nice chillout for me. Hari is making major moves in the US since moving there; I love being around cool hardworking people.


At an Adidas event with @arathecoach

I have to go because I am craving the cheesecake that's in the kitchen;is that bad? I might blog again tonight. Below, in the next two posts you can view videos of me interviewing Logan Sama and Mr Midas. Make sure you check them out.

Talent is God-given; be humble
Fame is man-given; be grateful
Conceit is self-given; be careful

God bless

Portia xx

Portia Freno and Mr Midas

Award winning artist Mr Midas sat down with Inbox magazine and myself; this video has been cut down so I will try to get the full version for you guys at some point. Midas is a cutie. I love his confidence and his drive.

Portia speaks with DJ Logan Sama

Here you can catch me speaking with DJ Logan Sama for Inbox magazine; considered a God to the grime industry! Logan has a show on Kiss and has done so much for grime artists; offering grime a platform to progress and be heard.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


I made Flavour Magazines 2010 Hotlist! Alongside talent such as Ikes, Jessica Cornish, Jewel clothing, Devlin and Charlie Sloth: I was labelled a superstar of the future and one to watch out for. I told ya :) Shout out to Flavour magazine, Ammika and Toya Berry. Click on the title above ("Look out for me!!") or go to flavourmag.co.uk page 36 to check me out and to see who else made the 2010 hotlist.

I keep neglecting you and I am aware; all I can do is thank you for still sticking around despite my absences! I think Twitter is partly to thank; though I barely tweet work stuff or everything I'm doing, I believe its a great way for you to be involved without having to wait on the blog. I'm not going to bother saying AGAIN that I will start blogging more regularly; it is what it is and I am blogging now as I literally have a minute to. I do often think of stories and experiences that I would like to share with you all though, including inspiring and uplifting words and I hope to one day have a full day to get some proper writing done.

I'm off to New York next month so things are a little hectic; deadlines are a bitch. I've got a lot of planning and decision making to do...... I've realised that we are all so spoiled for choice; there are so many things that many of us are capable of doing and as a result that can lead to confusion; we can find ourselves struggling to decide what path we wanna take. If only we were given no choice; life would be so much simpler! I'm not complaining though; I've the ability to do so many things for a reason and I just need to find a way to exhaust all of my passions/talents simultaneously or know what should be made priority etc. All that matters is right now I'm extremely busy and extremely happy...... ;)

I chopped off my hair! It's now just passed my shoulders. It was a scary move and I immediately cried but now I am happy; everyone says I look more mature and guess what? My hair will grow.

I will try to get some footage uploaded; got some of Eddie Kadi on a photo shoot after I interviewed him which is kinda funny; Eddie is hilarious. It was really nice interviewing him as he seems a genuinely sweet, good guy and he is JOKES!

I interviewed a few potential PA/PR interns this week and will interview a few more next week; then I am hoping to come to a decision; I want my new interns before flying to New York as tooooo much needs to be done. If you are interested then send your CV to jacquelynejoyah@portiafreno.com. Must be enthusiastic, hardworking, reliable,flexible,creative,organised and have the ability to use own initiative etc. Experience is a huge bonus but most certainly not compulsory. I look forward to hearing from some of you x

I have to go peeps! I'll update you again soon.

Lots of love,

ya girl Porsh xx


Friday, 22 January 2010

♥ Lots to tell! ♥

Hellooooooo my darlings!

Long time no speak! Well kinda; I've definitely left it longer before!

Before I continue my post, I'd just like to give my condolences and prayers to the victims of Haiti. Damn; that shit really makes you realise how frikkin lucky you/we all are, doesn't it? Just when you're complaining about something trivial, you think about the devastating state of Haiti and kinda feel like a selfish ungrateful person for even moaning. I mean, we can only imagine what they are going through. We take taking things for granted to a whole next level; how often do you wake up joyous and grateful for a new day;for a roof over your head, clean water and clothes? How often do you go to bed at night and thank the Lord for even making it through another day without disaster or tragedy? We should never become complacent; tomorrow is not promised to anyone.......

Anyway, we can all help in some way, whatever our situation. Please try to peeps

My calendar is now available for download and all the proceeds will go to Haiti. I have sent clothes but still have another suitcase to send. You can purchase my calendar here http://portiafrenomerchandise.bigcartel.com Obviously a big incentive to buy is that the proceeds go to Haiti, but also you get 12 hot, unreleased images of moi so it's a win win!

Anyhoo.... moving on!

I have had a fantastic past few weeks; even the bad days have been great cos I always bounce back 10x stronger! The last few days have been particularly good, as I just moved to Angel! Oh my goodness I ♥ it. The buzz, the vibe, the energy and best of all....... the shops. I discovered some hidden little vintage boutiques last night; plus they have great stores like Joy and All Saints, wicked restaurants and bars; I am in heaven. What's even better is I'm tucked away on a quiter road; so not smack bang in the madness, but only a short walk away. Perfect ☺ It only got better when I was unpacking; I discovered two pairs of Vivienne Westwood shoes that I hadn't even worn yet and had forgotten about! It was my birthday all over again! lol. I did I have a slight panic attack when I couldn't find my diamonds; they are very special to me as they are from someone very special; but I still have lots of stuff down the road in Finchley so I'm hoping and praying to God every night that I find them there. Please pray for me peeps!!

Well it looks like I'm a North London girl now! As reluctant as I am; despite always reppin for West London, the truth is I've been living in North for roughly 3 and a half years now (besides a month or so when I was back right next to Westfields- disaster I tell ya!) So can I really call myself a West London woman? Lol I guess it's where your heart is. But it is fair to say an Angel is stealing my heart..... already ♥

So, as you probably already know, I am now presenting for the new mens publication INBOX magazine. I'm really excited about this mag; everyone behind it is dedicated and entrepreneurial and already I am really impressed with the first pilot issue. You can see it here It has a vast range of topics, all dedicated to men. I love the way it really focuses on entrepreneurial skills and interviews some real UK talent that can be under rated. For example, G Fresh; I've always rated him; his lyrics are sharp; his flow is deep and I've been following him for a while. Then there's SAS; who are more appreciated in the States. They are reppin Uk hard. I admire their grind and work ethic; I can relate ;) In addition to the website, you can check out Inbox magazine's YouTube channel, where you will find a video of me interviewing SAS. There are a lot more video interviews to come, including Mr Midas, DJ Logan Sama and Benjart dreams. Make sure you check it out!

Looks like everyone wants a piece of Portia the Presenter at the moment!


Today I got a phone call and was informed that The Sunday Show has been asked by channel AKA to be aired every week! That's great news for The Sunday Show team; they put the work in I'm telling ya! They more than deserve this. So I was more than happy when I was asked to jump on board as a presenter; I'll be conducting backstage interviews with the artists/acts and also interacting with the crowd; you know; spicing things up a bit ;) So now you will be able to see me on your tv screens every week! Woop woop! lol. Our only concern was my schedule; but hopefully I can fit it in and find a way for everything to work. I think I'm straight to filming this Sunday! Thats how this industry works. I will let you know how it all goes.


I have been speaking with a couple connects in the States who are telling me I need to be in New York like yesterday, lol. I would have just gone, but wanted to have my full lingerie collection before heading out there, plus I had other commitments etc and was in two minds. So I decided to go in May/June to give myself some time; I thought it best that way as then my American booker and stylist can have more time to work on my schedule. It wasnt only my collection, modelling/presenting, music etc that I wanted to do when out there, despite that being the obvious. I am in talks abiut getting involved in some marketing campaigns out there; I wont elaborate, but I have a strong interest. Anyway I have been doing a course on marketing and sales; I am going to be a pro! lol. I think it is very important to be multi-talented and to get involved behind the camera; not just in front. BUT; I spoke to one of my friends out in New York and he is telling me that May/June will just not do lol. Apparently it's too far away! So I have a meeting tomorrow and hopefully I will know more about when I will be leaving for NYC. I will be there for quite some time so it wasn't something I wanted to rush, especially now just moving house, but hey, that's the life of a working model!! I will also be working on a swimwear collection once in New York.

Lets talk working out.....quickly, lol. Had a very promising start last week; trained twice in one week! lol. It was with a personal trainer though so I was literally forced to do stuff; He kept shouting stuff at me like, "Get up get up!" and, "Go go go! Don't stop moving COME OOOOOON!!".
Very very mean man, I must say. Today, after being too afraid to see the trainer again for a few days, I worked out ALONE and I have to admit, I did well. It's not so bad after all lol. Despite never working out my body is in shape; but I know when you start thinking like that that's when things start going all pear shaped haha. So I am back at the gym and hopefully I will stick at it....... watch this space.


Anyway, I know it's Friday night, but the weekend doesn't mean parties for me. I have an early start tomorrow; meetings, seeing my friends daughter, meeting my girl, getting my nails and eyebrows done; etc etc. Soooooooooo



Sites to check out:

Me shooting for SHOW magazine; this video hit crazy views on ragggs.com; coming 2nd to Westwood with the most views! Anyone know why? lol http://www.ragggs.com/2009/12/24/portiafreno-photoshoot-with-show-mag-in-us/

portiafreno.com - Site soon to be spiced up; look out for that

Shout outs; toyaberry.blogspot.com because I am loving her new blog.

twitter.com/jacquelynejoyah Because she is not only my business partner and American booker, but also because she is a hot hot stylist, recently featured in Essence magazine

wordonroad.com Because they did the graphics for my calendar and are 24,7 working

twitter.com/jaystewartphoto Because he is my little gem photographer, shot most of my 2010 calendar and is mad talented. To book Jay for a hot price get at me

xx ♥♥ xx